Entry #1

New to the grounds

2009-04-30 21:30:26 by Lee-senpai51

As you can see thenames Lee...well Matt Lee
I'm a huge fan of the newgrounds site but never had my own account!!
so what better day to join then pico day!!! XP

I'm still a noob at the whole flash animation stuff so if anyone has any pointer feel free to share!!! 8D
As for voice acting... I'm very skilled in that category so if you ever need a voice pm me!!!

on a side note i do Not have skype so dont ask me to use it because as of now im flat broke.. XXDD

I hope to have a good time on newgrounds
-Matt Lee

P.S. If you would like to see some art and stuff that SUX go to my DA page @


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2009-04-30 21:58:28

Welcome to Newgrounds ^^